Welcome to our world of Pirates and Unicorns. 

     Where our passion for fashion, individuality, and style is expressed in our collection for children and youth. Pirates and Unicorns Collection is made from beginning to end in Los Angeles, CA, where we dedicate endless hours of creating, drawing, pattern making, cutting, sewing, and printing, to see our creations come to life. We handpick our fabrics and every piece created has our utmost approval of quality, versatility, and comfort. 

     We continuously add new pieces to our collection to bring something fresh, new, and exciting to our fans. Our pieces are easy to mix and match, style, and layer, and simply have fun with as fashion has no rules. If you can Rock it! Wear it!
Nancy Markert  |  c 201.247.0123  | f  201.784.7677 | Nancy@NancyMarkert.com | Manhattan, NJ, PA, FL

Amy Hoffman | c 516.658.5654 | | f 516.942.5311 | AmyHoffmanKids@gmail.com | NY (except NYC), CT, DE, DC, MD, VA, MA 

Showroom 34. W. 33rd St. Suite 905, NY NY 10001  p/f 212-564-8283