The Hottest Essentials for today's 
stylish baby and growing kids.

Baby JaR was created by two sisters, Jessica and Rachael, hence the name, Baby JaR. 
Their approach to design has been to capture the fun, cozy nature associated with childhood 
while still creating products that are sophisticated and chic. 
Their towels, burp sets, bibs & blankets are a chic necessity for today's stylish baby.

Nancy Markert  |  c 201.247.0123  | f  201.784.7677 | | Manhattan, NJ, PA, FL

Amy Hoffman | c 516.658.5654 | | f 516.942.5311 | | NY (except NYC), CT, DE, DC, MD, VA, MA 

Showroom 34. W. 33rd St. Suite 905, NY NY 10001  p/f 212-564-8283